Bill Ward Shares John Bonham’s Favorite Black Sabbath Song

Black Sabbath original drummer Bill Ward recently joined an interview with Classic Rock and revealed the Sabbath song Led Zeppelin’s late drummer John Bonham loved the most.

In the history of rock, John Bonham remains one of the greatest and most influential drummers. Known for his speed, powerful drumming, single-footed use of kick, and distinctive sound, Bonham has influenced a significant number of drummers since he began his music career with Led Zeppelin.

Among others, Black Sabbath’s original drummer Bill Ward was also influenced by John Bonham. With his unique way of playing drums, he also became an influential heavy metal drummer. Although he is not that active in the scene now, Ward played with Black Sabbath through most of his career.

In June 1972, Black Sabbath gathered in the studio to start working on a new album. Although Ward’s substance abuse plagued the recordings, they had a chance to experiment with new styles in this album. Originally titled ‘Snowblind,’ the ‘Black Sabbath Vol. 4’ album was released in September 1972. According to Ward, it featured Bonham’s favorite Sabbath song.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Bill Ward stated that John Bonham loved Sabbath’s ‘Supernaut.’ Ward then recalled the time when they were in the studio, and he was playing the double bass drum of the song. As the drummer said, Bonham offered to play ‘Supernaut.’ Ward honored John by mentioning that he was the best rock drummer in the world.

Speaking to Classic Rock, Bill Ward said the following:

Bonham really loved ‘Supernaut.’ He really had that song down. We were in the studio one day, and he came by. He saw I was playing the double bass drum. He said: ‘I’ll do it on one.’ He was, without question, the best rock drummer in the world.”

You can listen to Black Sabbath’s ‘Supernaut’ below.