Avril Lavigne Says ‘Almost Time For My New Music’ And Shares Exclusive Photos From Her Recent Live Performance

Pop Punk’s Queen, Avril Lavigne, recently posted a series of photos on her Instagram account and recalled the amazing time she had performing with her boyfriend Mod Sun on Jimmy Kimmel, and said that she’s ready to release some new music.

As you may recall, Avril Lavigne released a brand new song in collaboration with the rapper Mod Sun back in January. Their song ‘Flames‘ was highly appreciated by both fans and critics. This encouraged the successful duo to record an acoustic version of the song, which was released less than a month ago.

In late February, Avril had excited her fans by saying that she has finished recording her upcoming album and asked whether she should start recording another one. Soon after that, the rockstar surprised her fans with an amazing live duet of her Grammy-nominated song ‘I’m With You’ with Yungblud.

As it can be seen, Avril has been highly productive for the past couple of months, and her recent live performance with Mod Sun on Jimmy Kimmel proved that the Punk Queen is back. In her recent post, she expressed her happiness for performing live and encouraged her fans to check it out. It seems like this performance really hyped up the rockstar, as she went on to say that it’s almost time for her new music.

Here’s what Avril Lavigne said in the caption of her recent post:

“The ‘Flames’ performance live on Jimmy Kimmel was fire, have you seen it yet? Almost time for my new music, are you ready?”

You can check out the photos that Avril posted on her Instagram and watch their live performance on Jimmy Kimmel below.