Arnel Pineda To Racists: ‘I Won’t Stop Singing For Journey’

In a stance against racism, Journey’s frontman Arnel Pineda took to Instagram to respond to his critics and racists, stressing his commitment to continue performing with the band.

Amidst a backdrop of John Lennon’s ‘Love,’ Pineda extended an olive branch of peace and understanding, writing:

“Dear bashers, foes, racists, bigots, haters, warmongers, etc etc etc. No matter what or how you will name me, I won’t stop singing with or without Journey… It’s in my blood… Yes, I want a better life. Yes, I want to be acknowledged with what I do best, but never, ever have I ever dreamed, nor have I ever desired so deeply to be a part of the band you love and respect so deeply… Call it fate? Call it destiny? Call it divine intervention? Or call it pure luck?”

Embracing Forgiveness And Love

His post continued, sharing his belief in the power of forgiveness and the triumph of love over hate:

“I am sorry that I caused you such unforgivable pain… And for your satisfaction, I am offering to take the blame… I still believe in love, peace, unity, and harmony, and I’m praying that one day, you will forgive me the way I have forgiven you all 16 years ago. Love is all. Love always wins. I’m proud of my wounds much as I’m proud of how they have turned into an imperfect but beautiful scars. Peace to you all. Love to you all.”

Facing Racism Head-On

Pineda’s journey to becoming the lead singer of Journey was nothing short of a fairy tale. Discovered through his covers on YouTube, Pineda was thrust into the limelight, tasked with fronting an all-American band as an Asian artist. This transition was met with significant resistance, marred by racism and skepticism from a faction of diehard fans.

In a 2013 conversation with Rolling Stone, he shared how the early negative reactions, tinged with racism, did not intimidate him, explaining:

“I just didn’t bother to get intimidated with those words. I’m not trying to compete with Mr. Perry. I’m trying to help out here. I am so blessed to be in this position, to be the one to carry the legacy.”

Beyond the stage, Pineda’s journey has been a source of national pride for the Philippines. Despite encountering racism abroad, his music has transcended borders, resonating with fans worldwide. In interviews, Pineda has discussed the varied reactions from international audiences, underscoring the impact of racial discrimination on his performances.

You can check out his post here.