Ann Wilson Reflects On Her Decision To Cover Queen’s ‘Love Of My Life’ With Vince Gill


Ann Wilson recently talked about her upcoming cover album titled ‘Fierce Bliss’ and how Queen song ‘Love of my Life’ ended up being included. She detailed her choice for creating the cover with Vince Gill during the conversation with TotalRock.

Heart’s Ann Wilson is known for her powerful rock and roll voice, making her band one of the most successful female-led hard rock groups. Apart from their celebrated original material, Heart performed several covers throughout their career. Perhaps the most notable one occurred when they performed ‘Stairway to Heaven’ exceptionally well in the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors, gaining a unique place in Led Zeppelin and Heart fans’ minds.

Aside from her band, Wilson also built up a solo career mainly by covering iconic songs. Her upcoming album, ‘Fierce Bliss,’ will be released on April 29, where there will be covers and some original songs. In the forthcoming album, she also played her version of Queen’s iconic song ‘Love of My Life’ from their 1975 album ‘A Night at the Opera’ with country music singer Vince Gill.

In her recent interview, she reflected on why she chose Vince Gill to cover the song with her. Wilson said that she wanted to lay out the track as an ‘organic love song,‘ and that’s why she decided to cover it. Her vocals are ‘raspy and rock,’ but because she wanted to play with a male vocalist, she wanted his voice to be ‘angelic.’ She went on to say that Gill’s voice is ‘beautiful and pure,’ which made him a perfect fit for her goal with the song.

About covering the Queen song with Gill, Wilson stated:

“I was listening to ‘A Night at the Opera’ by Queen, and their version of ‘Love of My Life’ is very campy. It’s got a broken treatment to it like chamber music. I thought, ‘How could it be to take the song out of that frame and just lay it out like an organic love song.’ It had to be a duet. I wanted it to be a duet with a man. My voice is kind of raspy and rock. So I wanted a man to be an angel. So there’s only really one choice, and that was Vince Gill because his voice is so beautiful and pure.”

You can watch the whole interview and listen to the songs below.