Ann Wilson Reacts To Paul Stanley Picking Her As ‘One Of The Top Singers Of All Time’


During a new appearance on De Keiharde Pödcast of NPO Radio 2, Heart icon Ann Wilson stated that it was flattering to see Paul Stanley adding her to his list of the best lead singers of all time.

KISS frontman Paul Stanley shared a Twitter post about two months ago and revealed his favorite vocalists of all time. Robert Plant took first place in Stanley’s best lead singers list. Some of the other singers he included were Freddie Mercury, Steve Marriott, Rod Stewart, Janis Joplin, Paul Rodgers, Steve Perry, and Brian Johnson.

Paul Stanley included 11 names in his tweet instead of a top ten list. His eleventh choice was Heart’s lead singer Ann Wilson. Wilson and Janis Joplin were the only female singers Stanley added to his list. During a recent interview, Heart singer was asked how she felt when she saw that Paul Stanley picked her among the best lead singers of all time.

For Ann Wilson, that was very flattering, and she felt honored. When asked whether she ever thought why she wasn’t the number one, Wilson explained that she finds it wrong to pick anyone as the best lead singer since there are so many unique voices who are unknown. She hesitates to choose anyone as the best because she knows there can always be someone new who mesmerizes her with their voice. The singer thinks what is right is to remain humble in these kinds of situations.

When asked about what she thought when she read Paul Stanley’s list, Ann Wilson replied:

That was very flattering. I just think that it is kind of hard to believe it when people say the best singer in the world; it is just so wrong because there are so many incredible, powerful, beautiful singers that are unknown. I just hesitate to ever say the best in the business or something. Because right when you say that, there is somebody new who just blows you out of the room. I like to try and stay humble.”

You can check out Paul Stanley’s tweet and watch the full interview below.