Angus Young Explains Why AC/DC Chose Brian Johnson To Replace Bon Scott After His Death

In an interview with Goldmine, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young talked about the time he met Brian Johnson for the first time and clarified how they decided to recruit him as the band’s new frontman following the death of Bon Scott.

As you may know, the members of legendary Australian rock band AC/DC faced many terrible losses throughout their careers. Back in 1980, The band’s former lead guitarist Bon Scott sadly passed away at the age of 33. The cause of his death was revealed as acute alcohol poisoning. Scott was later replaced by Brian Johnson, whose talent was previously noticed and praised by Bon himself.

Recently, the iconic guitarist of AC/DC, Angus Young joined an interview with Goldmine and answered questions about the time they chose Brian Johnson among various other possible candidates to become the new frontman of the band after Bon’s death. During the conversation, Angus stated that it is not easy to find people like Scott and Johnson since both of them are rare characters. He added that even though many people tried to join AC/DC, none of them had that rare character Brian had.

Young also recalled the first time Johnson walked into the rehearsal room and stated that the way he walked and behaved proved that he had a real character just like Bon had. He continued explaining the reason why they chose to continue with him by describing how he ‘kept all that cigarette smoking and whiskey in his voice‘ which made him even more interesting and unique.

Here is what Angus Young stated about the reason why Brian Johnson was chosen to be the new frontman of AC/DC:

“You can’t find two of the same like Bon. These people are rare characters. There were plenty who wanted to come and try, but the thing about Brian is that he’s a rare character… like Bon was.

You’d see it the first time he walked into the rehearsal room. Even in the way he walked. How he acted. You saw it straight away. There’s a real character there.

And then he started talking. He’s got an interesting voice. His accent. Then when he started singing, you really hear it. He kept all that cigarette smoking and whiskey in his voice.”

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