Andy Summers Shares The Main Reason The Police Was A Hit

The Police guitarist Andy Summers recently joined Guitar Player for an interview and revealed why the Police ended up being a hit band.

Formed in 1977 in London, the Police rose to prominence and became a widely popular band in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They emerged during the British new wave scene and produced rock songs influenced by punk, reggae, and jazz. Throughout their career, the Police’s lineup consisted mainly of Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland.

In 1978, the Police released their debut album ‘Outlandos d’Amour.‘ With the help of the singles ‘Roxanne’ and ‘Can’t Stand Losing You,’ this album reached number six on UK Albums Chart. Their second record, ‘Reggatta de Blanc,’ was also successful. It was the band’s first of four consecutive number one albums in the UK and Australia.

Their following two albums, 1980’s ‘Zenyatta Mondatta’ and 1981’s ‘Ghost In The Machine,’ achieved further critical and commercial success. Besides, ‘Zenyatta Mondatta’ was also the Police’s breakthrough into the US scene. The band’s final studio album ‘Synchronicity’ was also a massive hit in the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, and the US.

In a recent interview with Guitar Player, Andy Summers said that there are many reasons the Police was a hit, but the main reason was that they focused on not sounding like any other band. Summers then added that it was their instinct and a miracle of chemistry.

Speaking to Guitar Player, Andy Summers said the following:

“There are so many reasons why we were a hit. If I could narrow it down, I think the main thing about us was that we didn’t sound like anybody else. It was something we were very conscious of. We didn’t want to sound like other bands. That was our natural instinct, but it could only have happened with the three of us. It’s a miracle of chemistry. If we were one person different, it would have been very different.”

So, according to Andy Summers, the Police ended up being a highly successful band because they emphasized having a unique sound. Besides, the guitarist thinks their chemistry was authentic and could’ve been different if a member was different than they were.