Andy Biersack Is Concerned About ‘Fake’ Goodness Of Today’s Rock Stars

Andy Biersack believes today’s rock stars don’t value authenticity much.

Black Veil Brides’ lead singer recently sat down with Loudwire Nights for an interview and said he feels unsure about many things because he sees the chaos in the world and society. He’s disappointed when artists prioritize appearing good and perfect over being authentic:

“It’s almost my bigger concern, the number of artists that seem so heavily concerned with being seen as good and great. Not only as artists but as sort of these paragons of virtue at all times…if you’re not met with any kind of resistance, there’s no need to be honest about who you are.”

The musician thinks it’s better to be honest about the chaos in the world instead of focusing on looking good or great:

“If your job as an artist is to reflect culture and to reflect your audience in some capacity, then to be flawed is to be reflective of the people that listen to you. And I think that for us, if I’m getting things literally thrown at me and articles written about how we’re the most hated band in the universe and blah blah blah, it’s a lot easier for me to be like, ‘Okay, here’s the stuff that I am insecure about or here are the things that make me feel uncomfortable.'”

Biersack’s Reply To The Haters

In an April interview with Nik Nocturnal, Andy also talked about being labeled as ‘screamo’ by the band’s haters. He clarified that they aren’t a ‘screamo band,’ explaining:

“I could give a sh*t about any of it. You have to understand I’m not a good person to talk to about that because I have been what you might call hated. My band has been not beloved by many. I’m glad that my personality could be better than how many of you feel about my music. But I will say that the term screamo is to me the same thing as any number of sort of small-minded insults that were thrown. So the fact that those terms have morphed into terms of endearment, I find positive.”

Black Veil Brides goes on a North American tour, starting on August 18 in Nampa, Idaho. They have shows in different cities of the United States until the end of September.