Andy Biersack: Black Veil Brides Are Better Than Led Zeppelin

Andy Biersack recently sat down for a chat on Lipps Service to discuss Black Veil Brides’ new EP, ‘Bleeders.’ He also looked back on saying his band’s albums were better than Led Zeppelin in the past and explained:

“I knew, when I said that I like ‘Set the World on Fire’ more than Led Zeppelin, that people were going to hate me for it. But I also knew that Kerrang! was going to put it on the front cover, and it didn’t mean that I truly believed in my heart of hearts that the second record I ever made was better than one of the most important acts in the history of music. But if I wasn’t gonna say it, then who was?”

‘Set The World On Fire’ came out in 2011 and went silver in the UK. It was noted as an improvement over the US band’s first album despite receiving mixed reviews.

He Says His Band Is More Important Than Zeppelin

Biersack admitted to being ‘so headstrong and c*cksure at that age’ when he reflected on his controversial comparison between Black Veil Brides and Led Zeppelin material during a 2020 chat. He told Kerrang!:

“But I wasn’t saying that what we were doing was objectively better than Led Zeppelin, it was that I don’t give a sh*t about Led Zeppelin nearly as much as I do our band. At that age I was just so certain that what we were doing was more important than anything else, at least to me, and I wanted to celebrate that.”

The singer stood by his point over the years and later also added that Zeppelin wasn’t ‘standing on ceremony for me so why should I be so deferential to them.’

BVB’s On Tour To Support New Record

Black Veil Brides released the latest single from ‘Bleeders’ on April 26 and followed it with a tour kickoff in Las Vegas to support their first project with new partner, Spinefarm.

Creeper, Dark Divine, and GHØSTKID opened for the band during the 23 dates through late May. BVB is now getting ready for another US tour in August and September.