Amy Lee’s Biggest Fight In Music Was ‘Finding A Rapper’ For Evanescence

Speaking to Revolver Magazine recently, Amy discussed the conflicts she has faced since the early years of Evanescence. She shifted her explanation to a different perspective, stating that ‘finding a rapper for Evanescence’ was the biggest fight she had been involved in. She said:

“We fought for a lot. We were supposed to have auditions and have a rap-rocker put into our band full-time to rap on eight out of 11 songs on the album, and that was our biggest fight.”

Amy Lee talked about Evanescence’s album ‘Fallen,’ which was released in 2003 and was a huge success. According to Amy Lee, ‘Fallen’ is not the best record for the band, which is celebrating the album’s 20th anniversary and releasing a dedicated anniversary album to this moment. Amy clarifies:

”I don’t know if I could put them all in order because they’re all different. I definitely don’t think Fallen is our greatest work. Because it’s our youngest work. I was still learning how to write songs. Some of those were written when we were really young, which is amazing and beautiful and I love it. But you grow and you have more experiences.”

Comparing the time she made Fallen with the era of ‘The Bitter Truth,’ which was released in 2021, Amy continued her words as follows:

”I feel like I have more to express than I did back then, just literally because I was younger and hadn’t been through as many things as I have now. But also, through live performance and through writing with lots of people, through the whole experience of having all this time.

And I’m always writing for me. We write for us. I know that people are going to love it if I love it. I’m never thinking about, ‘Oh, how can I please the fans?’ I truly love The Bitter Truth better than any other album. And I hope that I feel that way only until we write our next album.”

The Weakest Link In ‘Fallen’

In the continuation of the interview, Amy, who examined ‘Fallen’ in-depth, also touched on his least favorite song in the album and said:

”Probably ‘Tourniquet.’ I don’t hate any of them, though. I don’t listen and feel [sighs aggressively] about anything. I do that with the demos.

Like, there are songs pre-Fallen that fans can ask for ’til the end of time and I’m never going to officially release them because they got tossed out for a reason. They’re not as good! I really am able to listen through Fallen and enjoy it all. I’m proud of what we did, still.”

Green Light For New Evanescence Projects

The band, which has spent the last two years in a busy concert schedule, completed its South America tour two weeks ago. Amy Lee says that during this time, they came up with a lot of ideas for new projects, and the group was looking forward to releasing new stuff.