Amy Lee Shares Her Wish To Collaborate With Tim Burton

It is really hard to compare Tim Burton’s unique style of film and art to anything else since his distinctive creative vision managed to form one-of-a-type Burtonesque characters and mise en scenes under the genre of gothic suburbia. It seems that the gothic overtones that are dominant in his works and what he tells through these characters and stories also impressed Amy Lee a lot. As she revealed in an interview with Metal Hammer, she would do anything to work with the talented director.

“I love Tim Burton, but I’ve never been able to meet him,” said the rock star, sharing that she never had the chance to meet him, even though she was a real fan. Amy added, “I got to meet Danny Elfman – he had me come over to his house. As a musician, I’m a fan of both of them. I wanted to learn more about Danny’s process! I would love to meet Tim Burton, but there would have to be a reason; there would need to be the right project, the right film.”

Lee continued, “That would be a moment where you could just print up the tombstone. It’s his contrast; everything is like a cartoon, and the colors are like a dream of life, like a painting that’s come to life. But, in addition, there is this part that is grief, or pain, or something really messed up that seems to come from a child’s perspective. Which, having been through grief as a child, I really relate to.”

Tim Burton focuses on the darker aspects of being a human in his films: loneliness, revenge, and death. However, his handling of these subjects is also unique, in a style that some call Burtonesque. For example, in ‘Corpse Bride,’ the stark contrast between the world of the dead and the living and the colorful and laughter-filled world of the dead also show his ability to deal with these dark themes through the eyes of a child. This must be one of the reasons Amy Lee was able to relate to these movies as a person who has been through grief as a child.

Danny Elfman, on the other hand, jumped onto the music scene with the new wave band Oingo Boingo in the 1980s. However, the rocker later took a different career path and started to compose film scores. He has his signature in more than 15 Tim Burton films. Burton has also previously collaborated with his favorite band, the Killers, to shoot two music videos for them. So, if there were a collaboration between Tim Burton and Amy Lee, it won’t be the first time Tim Burton crossed paths with a rocker.