Yngwie Malmsteen Says He Played Deep Purple’s ‘Made In Japan’ When He Was 10


Yngwie Malmsteen talked about having a record before these online sharing and streaming platforms during Yngwie Malmsteen’s Coffee Talk. The famous guitarist also revealed that he started playing an iconic Deep Purple album when he was young.

Deep Purple released their double live album entitled ‘Made in Japan’ on December 8, 1972, which had been recorded at Festival Hall, Osaka, between August 15-16, 1972, and in Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, and August 17 as a part of the band’s first Japan tour. The album received very positive reviews from music critics and fans, and the record was viral upon its release as it became a steady best-seller worldwide.

The band’s lead guitarist Richie Blackmore’s performance was appreciated and was an inspiration for the young generation of musicians who wanted to be as successful as him. As one of them, Yngwie Malmsteen, who has been considered one of the most talented guitar players of his time, highlighted that he only knew Blackmore in his childhood and thought that he was excellent.

Moreover, the guitarist stated that he learned and played all songs from ‘Made in Japan’ when he got the album at ten. Even though he defined it as crazy, it can be said that he discovered that his great interest was music and would always be like that. Malmsteen added that having a record became his whole universe, so he only focused on it as he did with Eric Clapton.

Malmsteen said in his interview that:

“When you had a record, it was like your whole universe almost. I didn’t hear anything else. I heard Clapton before I loved them. I didn’t know it was Clapton because I thought it was John Mayo which I loved, it was great. When I heard that album, I learned all the stuff, and then about a year later, I got ‘Made in Japan,’ and I played all note for note everything from ‘Made in Japan’ when I was ten years old. I know it’s crazy.”

You can check out the interview below.