Amy Lee Says She And Lzzy Hale Like To Challenge Each Other

Evanescence and Halestorm’s US Arena Tour will kick off on November 5, and the two bands are pretty hyped to work with each other. Amy Lee’s recent interview with the news section of the Grammys reflected how Lee feels about Lzzy Hale as she revealed that she loves being challenged by the Halestorm’s frontwoman.

The two frontwomen first met in 2012, a day before they started touring with each other. They hit it off so quickly that they are now going on tour together. Both singers have proven to the rock and metal communities the power of women vocalists with their talents and success.

In the interview, Lee stated that she and Hale always push each other to challenging situations to hit the perfect note. According to the rockstar, their rehearsals were always difficult because they both wanted to record again until they felt content. Their producer Nick Raskulinecz also pushed the duo because he knew that they can always do better.

Here is how Lee started to talk about their relationship with Hale:

“They were doing recreations of a lot of their songs, and we did our live version of that song in the studio. And we did it live, which was a really cool challenge! That’s the other thing about Lzzy we have in common: We really enjoy being challenged and pushed into new territory.

So, our producer — both hers and mine from our new albums, Nick Raskulinecz — did that recording and pushed us to record the vocals live. I remember being like, ‘Why do you have to do that? Why do you have to make it hard? We know what to do. Let’s record us one at a time, and we’ll get every note perfect!’

When he made us do it, he was like, ‘You guys are both great. I know you can handle it. You can do this.’ I was like, ‘Okay, we’ll try, but, safety net: We might do it the other way.’ When you’re standing in the room together, you have to go through it right at the same time to make it. If someone did it well and the other didn’t, it’s scrapped. It doesn’t work. But we didn’t do it that many times, and what I found is that we naturally tune to each other and find each other, and it becomes a new voice.”

She continued to state how these challenges accelerated her talents:

“In all realms of creation, I love that feeling, and that’s why I’m in a band. Singing with Lzzy is a real treat because she’s an excellent singer. We can challenge each other and get in the zone together and create something that neither of us can do exactly on our own.

The duo is amazing when it comes to working together, and they seem to have found the perfect sync. Their fans are always excited to see them on stage, but this time, with the halt caused by the pandemic restrictions, they are even more excited about seeing their favorite bands together.