The Song Jon Bon Jovi Wrote For His Daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley were high school sweethearts. Both attended Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey, where their love blossomed. They fell in love before Jon rose to fame when Dorothea was sitting next to Jon in history class. Deciding to celebrate their bond, in 1989, they were secretly married.

They’ve been together since those years, for over 40 years. From this long-lasting romance story, four children were born, Jake, Jesse, Romeo, and Stephanie. Of course, all of his children have their place for Jon Bon Jovi, but their relationship with Stephanie is different. They have one of those special daughter-dad relationships.

Throughout his long career, Bon Jovi used his music to convey many different emotions and situations to the audience. Given this special bond with his daughter, it’s not surprising that he wanted to immortalize his daughter in one of his songs. In the early 2000s, he wrote a track for Stephanie when she was seven years old: ‘I’ve Got The Girl.’

Challenging Times

The beautiful love story of Dorothea and Jon was one of the most heartwarming ones the rock world has ever seen. In Bon Jovi’s words, they grew up together, raised each other, and really enjoyed spending time together. Dorothea was the glue keeping him together. They could stay together for many years with great love and mutual respect without falling into celebrity trappings. One of these baits was indeed the drug parties.

Rock and drugs have been a match that has been together forever and often ended badly. However, Jon Bon Jovi said that even though he had a brief history with drugs before he became a famous rock star, he was not a drug guy. Knowing that he didn’t have the mental stability to handle substances, he quickly finished this adventure. While he could escape and stay away, unfortunately, his daughter failed to do so, causing the family’s heartwarming story to have a dark period.

Back in 2012, Stephanie overdosed on heroin in her dorm room at Hamilton College. Fortunately, it wasn’t a fatal shot for her. She did not respond to the treatment for a while but later woke up. As she awoke, she called her father. When he picked up the phone, she first said she was fine now so that her father wouldn’t worry, and then told him what had happened. Jon Bon Jovi said that the moment he received the news was still one of the lowest points of his life.

The Special Bond Of A Father And Daughter

Stephanie had a special relationship, especially with her father. Jon loved his daughter very much, so it’s hard to imagine how challenging this period was for them. During the recovery process, her loving family and father were always by her side. Over the years, they had managed to erase bad memories together. Stephanie is now a very healthy and successful woman after that challenging period. With her family’s support, she could work through problems and re-establish herself.

Five years after this unfortunate event, the duo united on stage. Stephanie was dancing happily on stage with her father. This would probably be the moment if the word heartwarming could be pictured. Also, considering which song they were dancing to, this scene became even more meaningful. The song was ‘I Got the Girl’ written by Jon Bon Jovi for his daughter in 2000.

In 2000, Bon Jovi released his seventh studio album, ‘Crush.’ He wanted to add a song to the tracklist that would immortalize his relationship with his daughter, so ‘I’ve Got The Girl’ took its place on the record. Stephanie was only seven years old when this song was written.

The year the song was released, she shared the stage with her father for the first time, dancing with him to this song. Years later, in 2017, with their relationship even stronger as they had had tough times together, Stephanie rejoined her father on stage at the age of 23. Both the moment caught on camera and this song was written in rock history as a memory that eternalizes the exceptional bond between the two.