Amy Lee On Lzzy Hale: ‘She’s Awesome At What She Does’

Evanescence singer Amy Lee and Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale joined an interview together with Alternative Press. In the interview, Amy Lee talked about her appreciation of ‘awesome’ Lzzy Hale and her music.

As you probably know, Evanescence and Halestorm will go on a US Arena Tour that will kick off on November 5. Both bands are fronted by talented women who achieved great successes throughout their musical careers. Their fans are waiting impatiently to see them both on the same stage.

Both bands are also quite eager to work together. Amy Lee and Lzzy Hale, the frontwomen of these bands, first met in 2012 during the Carnival Of Madness Tour. The pair then became friends through time as they have so much in common.

A month before their long-awaited tour, Lee and Hale talked about touring as women fronting a major event. In the interview by Alternative Press, Amy Lee stated that she and Hale love supporting each other, and they are blasting the cliché that women can’t support each other.

The Evanescence frontwoman then said she loves Hale not just because she is a woman but also for her talented musicianship and her awesomeness at doing what she does. According to Lee, Halestorm is a great band to work together. Apparently, they both look forward to including other female musicians on this tour.

Asked what it feels like to front a big tour although the industry doesn’t prefer platforming women, Amy Lee said:

We love supporting each other. Lzzy and I were talking about this recently, and I’m going to steal her answer a little bit. Just talking about it feels really good to blast the stereotype that women can’t support each other and get along. It’s just really untrue. We need each other. Every strong woman has a friend helping her get through it and process.

In the rock industry, obviously, there are fewer women than men. So we’re looking at that and going ‘Hey, we want more of us. We support each other.’ The whole point really isn’t about women versus men. It’s about music is for everyone. Rock is supposed to be a place where you can be your real self and let it all hang loose. Don’t be ashamed of that! Be proud of exactly who you are, and if it’s different than the majority of the people standing around you, that’s cool!

I would say, No. 1, we’d like to support the other great musicians and people that work hard. That’s everybody involved in this. I don’t love Lzzy because she’s a girl. She’s awesome at what she does. Halestorm is great to work with. Same thing with Plush. We haven’t worked together yet, but we’ve been in communication, and I’m so excited about them. We made a decision to lift up women to be openers for this tour just because I think it’s an awesome fit. It’s empowering to see people standing together in general.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.