Dino Cazares Explains Why ‘Ride The Lightning’ Is Better Than ‘Master Of Puppets’

Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares recently joined an interview on Wired In The Empire with Radioactive MikeZ and weighed in on the Metallica debate between ‘Ride The Lightning’ and ‘Master Of Puppets,’ sharing insights from his own experiences.

Cazares recalled a key moment in his life when he encountered Metallica performing live during their ‘Ride The Lightning’ era. His firsthand account of the band’s raw energy and ability to captivate the audience left a lasting impression, as he explained:

“Because they opened up for Armored Saint. Now, I love Armored Saint to death. But that day, Metallica on ‘Ride The Lightning’ killed Armored Saint. Half the crowd left, and it was, like, ‘Wow.’ And I was just blown away. And I think that experience, to me, to see the band raw, just ripping and just destroy a crowd, it would have to be ‘Ride The Lightning.'”

The Raw Appeal Of ‘Ride The Lightning’

While acknowledging ‘Master Of Puppets’ as a masterpiece in its own right, the musician emphasized the raw edge of ‘Ride The Lightning,’ saying:

“Now, ‘Master Of Puppets’ is a great record — don’t get me wrong; it’s a masterpiece — but it’s something about the rawness in ‘Ride The Lightning’; ‘Fight Fire With Fire,’ which is ripping. But a year or two later, I saw them open up for Ozzy [Osbourne], and at that point, Ozzy was kind of transitioning to a little glammy. He had his poofy, curly hair, and he kind of was wearing this sequins thing; it almost looked like a dress.”

Comparing Album Production And Songwriting

Detailing his observations of Metallica’s evolution, noting the differences in production and songwriting between the two albums, Dino added:

“And it was, like, ‘Oh my God.’ But that was in a bigger arena, so I was further away. So, that experience was much more different. So, I would have to say, ‘Ride The Lightning.’ Of course, the production got better on ‘Master Of Puppets.’ They had longer songs on that record; it was only eight songs in that record. But still, I would still say ‘Ride the Lightning.'”

Cazares also previously discussed how James Hetfield’s rhythm guitar playing had a big impact on his own guitar work. Speaking to Speak N’ Destroy, a podcast dedicated to all things Metallica, he praised Hetfield’s technique and tone, which inspired him to emulate and learn from Hetfield’s playing, particularly his down-picking and palm muting.

You can watch his entire chat below.