Sting On The Danger Of Losing Democracy, ’Its Alternative Is A Prison Of The Mind’


The Police’s former frontman, Sting, took the stage in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday evening. During the show, he addressed the war between Ukraine and Russia and discussed how it could negatively impact the notion of democracy.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, many artists have shown their support for Ukraine. Many names from the rock world who actively use social media have been doing their best to raise awareness about this war. Also, numerous musicians have been actively participating in campaigns to reveal the heartbreaking consequences of this war.

In the previous months, Dee Snider allowed people to use ‘We Are Not Gonna Take It’ during the war protests in support of Ukraine. While Pink Floyd released a new song named ‘Hey Hey Rise Up,’ Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks wrote an open letter, which she shared on her Twitter account, to raise support for Ukraine.

The war that has been going on for months and has led to the death of over 5,000 Ukrainians deeply troubles the entire world. That is why the rockers who can reach a broad audience continue to raise this issue. Recently, Sting became one of the musicians who have pointed out the global impact of this war.

Sting wanted to raise awareness in his latest concert in Warsaw, Poland, a place of refuge for many Ukrainians. The rocker stated that the only way to ensure peace and tranquility in the world is through democracy. According to him, the alternatives to democracy are violence, imprisonment, and oppression. Sting noted that the war in Ukraine started based on a lie no one should believe because it would ruin the notions of democracy and freedom.

Sting said the following during the concert:

“Democracy is under attack. It’s under attack in every country in the world. It is a great danger of being lost unless we defend it. Democracy is messy. Democracy is frustrating. Democracy is often inefficient. It needs constant attention and constant adjustment. But it is still worth fighting for. Because the alternative to democracy is a nightmare. The alternative to democracy is a prison, a prison of the mind. The alternative to democracy is violence, oppression, imprisonment, and silence. That alternative is called tyranny. All tyranny is based on a lie. … The war in Ukraine is an absurdity based upon a lie. If we swallow that lie, the lie will eat us.”

You can listen to Sting’s heartfelt speech during his show in Warsaw below.