Alice Cooper’s Favorite Horror Movie Without A Lead Actor

Different branches of art are intertwined at their core, and music and cinema have gone hand in hand for decades. Although cinematography is more recent than its centuries-old counterpart, music has become an essential element of films. It can be said that the music used in a movie set the tone and add a unique dimension to the entire concept of the story.

The strong connection between the two branches has also brought artists together. Various musicians are known to be avid cinema lovers, such as Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, who had expressed his wish to be a movie musician, and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, who is currently releasing a ‘cinematic’ horror-mystery tale.

Alice Cooper seems to share Kirk Hammett’s fascination with horror. The rocker has expressed his admiration for the genre several times throughout his career. It could be said that Cooper’s fascination with creepy tales compliments his ‘grotesque’ persona in music. So, that makes one wonder; which cult horror film is Alice’s favorite? Let’s check out the musician’s pick.

Which Creepy Tale Stood Out To Alice Cooper The Most?

Alice Cooper’s fascination with horror came from an early age, and he preserved that excitement throughout his career as an iconic musician and performer. In 1975, Cooper was featured in the conceptual television special ‘Alice Cooper: The Nightmare,’ which promoted his debut solo album, ‘Welcome To My Nightmare.’

The plot followed the singer, who portrayed the protagonist Steven as trapped within his nightmare. As Steven tried to escape his dreams, Cooper’s songs would accompany him on his horror journey. This TV special achieved critical acclaim and received an Emmy Award in 1976 for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Video Tape Editing for a Special.’

The musician was quite successful in reflecting his creepy tales. Yet, he also had a favorite horror story of his own, and the movie was called the ‘Carnival of Souls.’ Alice had revealed his admiration for the cult horror in 2012 during a chat with the Village Voice magazine. The musician expressed that 1962’s ‘Carnival of Souls’ had quite the impact on him as a kid.

The film’s nightmarish tone had stayed with Alice for all these years. The black and white movie featured no lead actors or actresses, and the plot focused on the journey of a girl who wasn’t aware that she was dead. One particular creepy scene was especially stuck in Cooper’s memory.

Alice expressed that the scene featured dead people dancing in a ballroom. For the singer, it was the creepiest film he had ever seen as a child. The nightmarish tone of ‘Carnival of Souls’ haunted his memory throughout his long career. So, it was only fair to name the film as his favorite horror story without any protagonists.

The rocker expressed his fascination with 1962’s ‘Carnival of Souls’:

“‘Carnival of Souls’ was a black-and-white movie that’s just one of those nightmarish films that stays with you for some reason. There was no lead actor in it. It was about a girl who was going through her life, and she’s dead, but she doesn’t know it. There’s a scene where they’re in a ballroom, all these dead people dancing — when I was a kid, it was the creepiest movie of all time. It was a real nightmarish movie.”

You can watch the movie’s trailer below.