Velvet Revolver Director On Whether Scott Weiland Was Paranoid About Losing Slash

Velvet Revolver director Rocco Guarino recently shared some details about whether the frontman Scott Weiland had paranoia about losing Slash with the Guns N’ Roses reform. During a chat with Appetite For Distortion, Guarino was asked if Weiland was concerned about the state of the band during the ‘Liberetad’ era, which ‘might have bottled up to cause uneasiness.’

The reforming of the band reportedly made the Velvet Revolver singer paranoid, according to Dave Kushner and Doug Grean. Guarino’s response differed from Kusher and Grean’s. He replied:

“No, I don’t think so. He never said anything to me about being worried about [Guns N’ Roses] reforming because, man, we were at the height. I don’t know what the hell Axl was doing, but I don’t think he was doing that much in 2002, ’03, ’04, ’05 dates. Maybe he works, I don’t know.”

The director was informed that Guns N’ Roses had canceled their Chinese Democracy tour at the time. He then added:

“[He wasn’t] concerned about Guns N’ Roses, whatever you wanna call it, which was Axl and his buddies. No, that wasn’t really an issue.”

Following the death of their frontman, Slash stated that he never intended to fully revive Velvet Revolver, despite the band’s reunion benefit show in 2012.

After Weiland passed away, a reunion for Velvet Revolver seemed unlikely. However, the band members came back together for Kings of Chaos’ single ‘Judgement Day.’

See the interview below.