Steve Lukather Explains How Eddie Van Halen Helped Him Develop A Relationship With Music Man Guitars

Toto guitarist Steve Lukather spoke in a recent interview with Radio Forrest and talked about his relationship with late guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

In the conversation, the interviewer asked Steve if Eddie gave any gear to him because he heard that Eddie had been giving so many gifts to his friends and musicians from nowhere.

Steve confirmed that Eddie was doing these kinds of things all the time and said that he got the third Eddie guitar as he mentioned that he developed his relationship with the Music Man Guitars.

Moreover, Steve revealed how he got the third guitar of Eddie by saying that he was chilling in Eddie’s house and he was asked which pick-up he would prefer. After he gave his answer, he ended up playing with the third guitar of Eddie.

Interviewer asked:

“Did he ever give you a bunch of gear? I’ve talked to several people, and behind the scenes, it always seemed like he was gifting musicians and friends like, ‘Hey, I got some guitars for you!’”

Steve Lukather replied:

“Yeah, he does that for people. I mean, I got a third Eddie guitar – I developed my relationship with Music Man Guitars because of it, that’s a whole other thing.”

Interviewer asked:

“You have the third Eddie Van Halen guitar, like, the third model made?”

Steve Lukather said:

“Yeah, when they were making the Eddie guitars back in the early ’90s, I was around and they wanted to get me on their roster, and I was up at Ed’s house with Sterling Ball, I was picking on the guitar they were making for Ed, and I was listening to the pickup, ‘Which pickup do you like more?’

So I think I was a tie-breaker on something, they said, ‘OK, you’ll get the third one, Eddie gets the first one, Sterling gets the second one.’

I got the third one. I have that, I played it, and I still have it, and I’ll play it on the record because it was a gift from Ed and Sterling…”

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