Stone Gossard On His Kids Considering Him Underqualified Despite Pearl Jam Career

Pearl Jam rhythm guitarist Stone Gossard recently sat down with AXS TV and talked about how his children perceive, or acknowledge his musical career. Stone mentioned that the way he handles guitar at home doesn’t quite resonate with his kids, and revealed his dynamics at home:

“My skill set is a little bit bizarre. Because, when I’m strumming guitar at home, I just sound like the same guy that I was when I was sixteen years old, I know a few chords, and I can kind of put a few together, but I can’t really sing and play at the same time, I have this thing I do but I don’t know covers…

So my kids just think of me as like ‘My dad picks up his guitar every once in a while, but he’s not that great. I guess he’s in a band but you know…’ And then I’ll play them new Pearl Jam track or something and they’ll be like ‘Oh, that’s pretty cool! Okay, phew…’ My dad always said it’s hard to be a hero at home and I think that’s very very true, so mostly eye-rolling and we’re sticking with kind of fart jokes here at my home.”

Although Gossard’s style remains underappreciated at home, it is perceived as rather unconventional, for he is frequently asked about how he approaches rhythm guitar. In a 2022 interview, he explained how he inserts himself and his sound within the band’s music:

“I tend to look at my guitar as almost like a percussion instrument, you know what I mean? I’m pretty dedicated to the part, and I’m constantly thinking about my role in terms of the groove and the rhythm of the track. Once I lock that in, then I look for spots to offer support, and I’m looking for spots to make an impact.”

In another interview from 2021, he shared his thoughts about the rhythm aspect of the guitar in detail:

“To me, everything is rhythm playing. If I can find the spot in the groove where I want to poke out, it wouldn’t make any difference to me if I was playing a tambourine or a cowbell, guitar or piano part. If the groove is there, I’m going to try and find a hole in the groove to somehow create more space around it. I hear the beat in a certain way – if I have a talent, that’s what it is.”

Pearl Jam’s newest album ‘Give Way’ came out in April. You can listen to the whole album below.