Steve Whiteman Announces KIX’s Decision To Retire

Mark Strigl recently shared a video of Kix vocalist Steve Whiteman taking the stage at the M3 Rock Festival to announce the band’s decision to retire after a 45-year-long career on his Twitter account. Whiteman informed the crowd that their last performance would be held on September 17 at the Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Whiteman explained that after nearly half a century in the music industry, the time has come for Kix to end their career. Health issues for both Whiteman and drummer Jimmy Chalfant have been cited as reasons for their decision. Despite the challenges they have faced, the band plans to fulfill their scheduled performances throughout the summer.

Initially, Kix was set to conclude their career in Hinckley, Minnesota, but they decided to have their final show closer to their fan base. The singer expressed gratitude for the support they have received over the years and invited the audience to join them for their last performance.

Here is the frontman’s announcement:

“I wanna make an announcement here. And it’s gonna be probably a little hard to get through, but I wanna do it anyway because we want you all to know. We’ve decided that after 45 years of doing this, I think we’re gonna call it a career. Not tonight. We’re gonna do a show here on September 17. It’s been a long, long, long road. And my health is failing.

Jimmy’s [Chalfant, Kix drummer] health is definitely failing. And we just decided we’re gonna finish up these dates through the summer. And we were gonna end in Hinckley, Minnesota. And we thought, ‘Who the f*ck wants to end a career in Hickley, Minnesota?’ So we brainstormed, and we said, ‘We wanna do one big final rock and roll show in the area,’ because you guys deserve it.

No offense, Hinckley, but f*ck that. So September 17 will be our final show, and we’re lucky enough to be doing it here [at the Merriweather Post Pavilion], so we hope you all will come join us. Will you come to join us for our final show? We’re countin’ on you. So, it’s sad, but it’s just time. You know when it’s time. It’s like an athlete. You know when it’s time. And I think it’s time. I’m tired. I can’t f*cking do this anymore [Laughs].”

Throughout their long career, Kix has built a devoted fanbase that’ll be sad to let them go. However, the band has recognized the need to prioritize their well-being and step away from the demanding lifestyle of the industry. Fans can look forward to their remaining shows as a celebration of Kix’s legacy and a farewell to the act.