Alice Cooper Guitarist Nita Strauss Suffers From The Catfish Profiles

Alice Cooper’s guitarist Nita Strauss has recently become the target of catfish profiles on social media, which impersonate her identity and potentially pose a threat to her fans. The musician reacted to the issue on her official Twitter account.

Catfish profiles of well-known personalities can be dangerous, as these fake accounts may exploit fans and followers by spreading misinformation, initiating scams, or engaging in other malicious activities. In light of these concerns, Strauss addressed this issue on Twitter and warned her fans about the fraudulent profiles. According to the musician, none of the imposter accounts are hers, and she urged her followers to report and block such profiles.

As the conversation on Twitter unfolded, some of Nita’s followers suggested that she should opt for account verification to combat the issue. However, Strauss expressed doubt about the effectiveness of verification in dissuading fake accounts, as those catfish profiles could also acquire the verification. The guitarist also questioned the necessity of verification, assuming her fans would recognize her genuine account by now.

When one of her followers asked whether a profile with her name was hers too, she replied:

“None of them are mine! This is my only page; please report and block.”

Another one reacted:

“Oh, man! One more? Get yourself account verification soon.”

Strauss said:

“Asking sincerely – do you guys think paying for the new verification would help dissuade the fake accounts? I assumed you all know which one is me by now.”

As a response, a fan wrote:

“Can you write it off as a business expense?

The guitarist replied:

“I’m sure I could! I just don’t really see the point since any of the catfish profiles could also get it.”

In January, Metallica’s frontman James Hetfield had also warned fans about impersonators on social media, clarifying that he did not use any social media platforms personally. Hetfield urged fans to exercise caution while interacting with people online and to thoroughly vet them before establishing contact. He emphasized that the only connection he has with social media is through Metallica’s official website and social media channels.