Alice Cooper Guarantees Every Musician Who Joins His Band Would Get Stitches

Alice Cooper guaranteed the musician that will join his band three things and one of them was a very scary thing in an interview with Sydney Taylor’s Metal From the Inside podcast. Recently, he also shared these things from his Instagram account.

According to Cooper’s statement, future Alice Cooper band members can be sure about getting three things. First, they are going to get the money that they deserve. Second, they are going to travel all around the world while touring with the band. The last one can be a little bit scary for some people. It was getting stitches during the shows of the band.

Alice Cooper the band has been famous for its very crazy and dangerous stage shows. They have been using swords, gallows, a live boa constrictor, different kinds of knives, a guillotine, and blood in their live shows. So, both during the rehearsals and performances, many accidents happened and are possible to happen at any time.

Therefore, one of the three things that Cooper promised his future band members is getting stitches. Cooper also got many injures in his legs and ribs, stabbed, and almost hanged himself during the performances of the Alice Cooper band. He said that every member had stitches and the future ones would have them. Cooper added that If you aren’t careful around the stage, you can die.

Here’s what he told:

“I always tell the band … I can guarantee you three things, You’re gonna get paid. You’re gonna see the world. You’re gonna get stitches. Everybody in that band has had stitches.

I’ve got switchblades, I’ve got swords, I’ve got everything up there. And I’m a little bit freewheeling. I don’t necessarily look to where everybody is. And every once in a while they walk a little bit close and get nicked. And those are not rubber swords.

When you’re in an Alice Cooper show, you better know where everything is going. You better be in the right place at the right time or you’ll get killed.”

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