The Truth Behind Jon Bon Jovi’s Death Announcement


For some reason, fake death news are pretty common in the music industry, and fans are incredibly eager to believe that their beloved artists passed away when an announcement spreads all over social media. While many musicians laugh at this type of news, they still have to prove that they aren’t dead to their fans.

In Jon Bon Jovi’s case, his so-called death created quite the fuss among fans as the musician is regarded as one of the most powerful and influential people in the music business. However, his death announcement later turned out to be a replica of Michael Jackson’s. Let’s take a look at the details of this strange incident together.

Jon Bon Jovi Allegedly Died


In 2011, a website called ‘dailynewbloginternational’ published an article reporting that Jon Bon Jovi was pronounced dead after paramedics found him in a coma at his Empress Hotel. The article also claimed that someone had called 911 from the musician’s home, and Bon Jovi wasn’t breathing when the paramedics arrived.

It went on to say that the paramedics performed CPR, as the rocker had suffered cardiac arrest. When the news spread on the internet, Jon Bon Jovi became a trending topic on Twitter, with hundreds of his fans paying tribute to the allegedly dead musician. Soon, it was realized that something didn’t add up in the article.

Jon Bon Jovi Debunked The Fake News


The website named ‘dailynewblloginternational’ only had the Bon Jovi post, and the post included some sentences from a 2009 Times story about Michael Jackson’s death. The website changed some details to keep their lie covered, but the ‘late’ rocker revealed the truth.

The singer uploaded a post on the band’s official Twitter page and shared a photo of himself standing in front of a Christmas tree, holding a piece of paper that says he’s in his New Jersey home. To convince fans that the picture is real, Bon Jovi also penned the date of that day and the hour.

The rocker proved that he is still very much alive since his fans were devastated after hearing about his death. What’s funnier is that Bon Jovi actually had to prove that he wasn’t dead by sharing a picture after a piece of obviously fake news.

In the tweet, Bon Jovi penned:

“Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey. Rest assured that Jon is fine. This photo was just taken.”

You can see the Twitter post below.