Alex Skolnick Defends Garth Brooks After Bud Light Backlash

Recently, Garth Brooks found himself at the center of a debate surrounding Bud Light. In response to the large criticism that Brooks has been facing, Testament’s Alex Skolnick took to Twitter to voice his support.

The uproar started a few months back when Bud Light collaborated with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, sparking a backlash from the public. However, unlike some bar owners like John Rich and Kid Rock, ‘The Thunder Rolls’ singer decided to keep the brand in his new Nashville bar’s menu.

When fans heavily criticized Brooks’ decision and claimed they would stop listening to his music, Skolnick took to Twitter to answer them. Referring to an ex-fan of the singer and a news article covering the controversy, the guitarist wrote:

“I’m taking note that Garth Brooks has a few annoying fans whose inability to handle the presence of Bud Light being served at Garth’s new Nashville tavern is the opposite of the very masculinity these oversensitive crybabies claim to represent. Planning to buy my first Garth disc.”

In an interview with Billboard, the country musician made it clear that he had no intention of removing Bud Light from his bar’s menu and described those who took a shot at the brand as ‘a–holes.’ When a Twitter user pointed that out as follows:

“Garth Brooks went out of his way to call people A-holes. No one said a word to him; he decided to get involved in the mix for his own attention reasons. Very similar to Bud Light management going out of their way to criticize their customer base in order to expand their brand.”

Skolnick explained:

“Well, here’s the thing: 1) He was answering a question. 2) He was referring to those throwing a hissyfit & deleting his music over nothing. 3) ‘A—holes’ may be a bit harsh, but these folks seem to have no problem with others being labeled ‘groomers’ and ‘pedophiles.'”

You can read Alex Skolnick’s tweets below.