Alex Lifeson’s Envy Of None Release Music Video For ‘Never Said I Love You’


After releasing their eponymous album recently, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson’s band Envy on None released the music video of their song ‘Never Said I Love You’ and announced it on their Instagram account.

After performing together as a power trio for over 40 years, Rush decided not to tour anymore in 2018. Their drummer Neil Peart was suffering from brain cancer, and the other members were tired of the exhaustion brought by touring the world. After Peart sadly passed away in 2020 from brain cancer, a reunion became impossible.

Alex Lifeson continued his musical career by forming a new band with Andy Curran, Maiah Wynne, and Alfio Annibalini called Envy of None. The band released their debut album on April 8, 2022, giving fans new songs to listen to. When asked about touring, Lifeson said that he is not leaning toward participating in full-length tours but instead a few shows every once in a while.

Even though it hasn’t been a month since the ‘Envy of None’ album, the band recently surprised the fans by releasing the music video of their song ‘Never Said I Love You.’ They announced the release on their Instagram account and uploaded a snippet of the black and white video for the fans.

Here is what the post’s caption read:

Never Said I Love You (Official Video) Out Now.

‘He loves me; he loves me not? Isn’t that what life’s all about, wanting to be loved or accepted.’ – EON”

The post received positive feedback in the comments section, and releasing new music with a video was appreciated. The fans described the song as ‘electro-pop’ and found the video creative. In the comments section of the music video, fans drew attention to how Alex Lifeson sounded different but familiar at the same time.

You can watch the ‘Never Said I Loved You’ music video below.