Ahmet Zappa Reflects On The Possibility Of Frank Zappa’s Hologram Shows

The musician and co-trustee of Zappa Family Trust, Ahmet Zappa, recently joined in an interview with Dean Delray. While mentioning the tour of The Zappa Band, he revealed whether they would use a Frank Zappa hologram in the upcoming period.

Frank Zappa greatly influenced the music scene with his sound that combined rock, jazz, orchestral, and pop elements. Throughout his 30-years of career, Zappa created over 60 albums, several cover albums, and directed music videos. He was considered a distinctive and innovative musician in his generation.

In 2002, Frank Zappa’s wife Gail established the Zappa Family Trust, a holder of the musician’s musical and artistic productions. Later on, Zappa’s son Ahmet took on the establishment’s tasks in 2015 before Gail’s passing.

The hologram tour named ‘The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa,‘ including the former Zappa members was a monumental show. Ray White and Mike Keneally were on the guitars, Scott Thunes was on the bass, the multi-instrumentalist was Robert Martin, Ed Mann was the percussionist, and the drummer was Joe Travers during the 2019 tour.

In a recent conversation, Ahmet Zappa talked about their upcoming plans for holograms. He stated that they knew their audience’s enthusiasm toward the holograms. As Zappa’s son revealed, they had plans to use holograms in the upcoming projects. He also added they were trying to create innovative visual presentations for the coming songs.

Ahmet Zappa responded when asked about the hologram:

“I know everyone loves the use of the world hologram. I’ve always talked about this in terms of this multimedia experience. If we can pull off doing it again, we certainly will; the goal is to have it come out hopefully at the end of the year, maybe next year.

But it’s a beast of production to do it. We can’t really afford to have Covid. It’s a little tricky, but yes, the intention is for that to go out, and we’ve been working on new visual interpretations of new songs for the tour too.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.