Aerosmith’s Joe Perry On Steven Tyler’s ‘Disappointing’ Relapse


Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry recently joined WBUR for an interview and reflected on Steven Tyler’s relapse, describing it as disappointing.

Throughout his career with Aerosmith, Steven Tyler struggled with heavy substance abuse. By the late 1970s and early 1980s, when Aerosmith was enjoying huge success in the scene, Tyler fell into the pit of severe drug and alcohol addiction. Soon, this affected the band’s career, and their popularity waned.

After recording ‘Draw The Line,’ Aerosmith toured extensively to support its release. However, drug abuse began affecting their shows. Tyler and Perry became dubbed as ‘the Toxic Twins’ due to their notorious drug use. At the end of the 70s, the drug abuse began taking its toll, causing Perry to leave after an argument.

Tyler’s drug issues started to get out of control, and he saw rock bottom when he collapsed on stage during a concert in Portland, Maine, in 1980. In 1984, Joe Perry returned, and two years later, Tyler completed drug rehabilitation. Aerosmith then rose to prominence again after releasing the 1986 Run-DMC collab ‘Walk This Way.’

Unfortunately, Tyler recently relapsed after Morton’s Neuroma diagnosis and foot surgery. In an interview with WBUR, Joe Perry described this as a disappointment and said it made him learn to accept unchangeable things. Moreover, Perry implied nothing he could do could change Tyler, and he accepted the singer for who he is.

Speaking to WBUR, Joe Perry said the following about Steven Tyler’s relapse:

“Well, it’s a disappointment for a minute. It’s a huge bummer, but then it’s like this: Life throws sh*t at us all the time, and you’ve got to either be angry and do damage to yourself with the stress of it or accept it for what it is. There’s that saying, ‘change the things you can and accept the things you can’t.’ Boy, that is true. That’s one thing you can count on. In life, if you’ve learned one thing, it’s that nothing’s going to stay the same.

We learned a long time ago, especially after the band got back together, that there comes the point where you realize nothing you do is going to change them, and you have to accept them for who they are. I’m not [just] talking about Steven; I’m talking about everybody in the band. I’m sure people have said [negative things] about me many times.”

In May, Aerosmith announced that they wouldn’t perform in June and July due to Steven Tyler’s relapse. They stated that Tyler entered a rehabilitation program voluntarily, concentrating on his health and recovery. Moreover, the canceled shows are now rescheduled to September 2022.