Adrian Vandenberg Gives The Green Light To David Coverdale

Adrian Vandenberg is optimistic that he will rejoin Whitesnake.

During a recent interview with ‘On The Road To Rock’ podcast, the rocker revealed details about a possible reunion. When asked if he would take place in the band’s final show or a similar situation, he affirmed and said the following:

“I would absolutely do it if my schedule allows it. But I will do everything I can to make it work because it will be epic to do something like that.”

He continued by explaining his friendship with the Whitesnake frontman, David Coverdale:

“As everybody knows, David and I are really good friends still. We’re [in touch] almost on a daily basis — we send back and forth politically incorrect jokes and stuff we both like.”

Vandenberg then said of an onstage reunion:

“Yeah, it would be great. Who knows? I’m like James Bond. I say never say never.”

The feelings seem to be mutual. Earlier, the frontman also clarified that he wants to reunite with Coverdale for a farewell studio album. In addition to the guitarist, the rocker plans to work with the rest of the former members, namely Doug Aldrich and Michael Devin. Coverdale said of the reunion:

“I’m soon to be talking with my band about the idea of a farewell Whitesnake studio album and to invite some former members to participate to make it more complete, Adrian, perhaps Doug Aldrich, see if they would wanna come in—Michael Devin, all people I adore, and to see how it would go. But I think rather than just farewell to this current chapter, it’s farewell to a lot of guys that have been involved. It could be interesting.”

Although the two clarified their friendship in the early years and said he could never know what would happen, the duo contacted each other only to find out that the singer wanted to stop because he felt worn out on the road. Now it seems he likes to go on with the band, and reunion with his former bandmates is no problem.

Below, you can see the latest interview with Adrian Vandenberg.