Adam Levine Shows Support To Pitbull Over His Call To Jeff Bezos To Help People In Cuba

Adam Levine has shared Pitbull’s statement in his Instagram Stories as a support for the musician, and the video posted by Pitbull is a message to the world and Jeff Bezos to be involved in the current situation in Cuba and help the people there.

It is known that in Cuba thousands of people are on the streets to protest the shortage of basic goods and the government’s way of handling the negative outcomes of the pandemic, as well as the curbs on civil liberties. Demonstrations against the government are fueled by an economic crisis that was worsened by the pandemic as Cubans spend several hours in lines to get food and medicine and suffer from unemployment. As a result of the country’s worsening condition, the Cubans resorted to migrate by both land and sea.

Upon considering the demonstrations in Cuba, U.S. President Joe Biden has also expressed his support for the Cubans telling the Cuban regime ‘to hear their people and serve their needs.’ According to CNN, he also said in a statement that they are standing with the Cuban people and their call for freedom and relief from the outcomes of the pandemic and from decades of repression and economic suffering at the hands of Cuba’s authoritarian regime.

Recently on July 14, 2021, the Cuban government announced that the government would lift restrictions on food and medicine which could be brought by travelers into the country, stating that custom duties on these will not need to be paid and the measures will be relaxed for the rest of the year. The Cuban government blames the economic suffering on the U.S. trade sanctions though, as it restricts their access to imports and financing.

Seen in the Instagram Story shared by Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, the musician Pitbull, being a Cuban American himself, has recently posted a video on Instagram with the caption that reads ‘A Message To The World.’ In the video, he urged his followers to stand up, wake up and step up for Cuba. He then mentioned the importance of freedom, saying that it frustrates him not being able to help his own people by getting them food, water, and medicine as well as getting them the freedom they deserve.

Pitbull then called world allies, global businesses, and Jeff Bezos, whose step-father is also a Cuban, to get together to help. He considered Jeff Bezos as the richest man in the world and somebody who can really help them by getting involved. It seems by sharing this video, Adam Levine has also shown that he supports Pitbull’s remarks on the Cuba protests.

Pitbull expressed his concern in his video message:

“This is a message to the world. We need to stand up, step up. But if you don’t understand what’s going on, then you need to wake the fuck up. Not only is this a Cuba event, but this is also a world event. This isn’t about politics. This is about saving lives. This is about unity, not division. And bottom line, this is about taking action. Not only do we live for freedom, we ride for freedom, we die for freedom, but we motherfucking appreciate freedom.

And it gets me hot, it bothers me and it frustrates me to a certain extent, being a Cuban American, and having a platform to speak to the world and not being able to help my own people, not being able to get them food, not being able to get them water, not being able to get the medicine. But most of all, not being able to help and really get them what they deserve, which is freedom.

This is my way of talking to the world. All world allies get together to help. Global businesses get together to help. People that we’re so proud of, such as Jeff BezosCuban-American — graduated from a high school in Miami, built one of the biggest companies in the world, the richest man in the world. He’s somebody that can get involved and really help us. All we can do is create awareness, but politics are gonna be poli-tricks. And while they figure out what they figure out, we need to figure out how to really help.

We need to get creative, we need to figure out solutions while they’re losing their lives over there literally for something that we wake up every day and appreciate which is freedom. So to everybody out there, stand up, step up. And if you don’t understand, get with the motherfucking program and wake up. This is about freedom and it’s about human rights. And everybody in Cuba, keep the fight up.

Below is the inspirational and emotional plea of Pitbull calling for the support for Cuban people.