Adam Lambert ‘Spills The Tea’ Over Extreme Weight Loss And Mental Health Struggles

Adam Lambert recently opened up about his weight loss and mental health during an Instagram Live session on March 21, 2024.

In a late-night chat removed from his Instagram, the singer shared that he lost 60 pounds in the last eight months. Although the video was deleted, fans posted parts of it online.

Lambert Reveals His Health Journey

While talking to fans from a dressing room in Sydney, where he is a coach on the Australian ‘The Voice,’ Lambert spoke about his health. He answered fan questions, and one asked him when he last cried. He replied:

“I’m really easy to make cry watching TV. I literally watched the Oprah special last night about weight loss drugs and got teary. It was such a touching moment, like, Oprah got choked up, too, about it. Actually, I’ll use this opportunity to talk about — I’m dropping some tea on you guys right now! I’ve been on Mounjaro for the last, I think, eight months, and I’ve lost almost 60 pounds. I feel amazing.”

He further shared his experience with Mounjaro:

“When I switched to Mounjaro, a lot of those symptoms went away, and I had hardly any side effects, and I feel incredible. I feel better; I feel more confident. I feel like my actual body feels better, like my digestive system feels more regulated. It’s affected my mental health is a really positive way. Actually — I’m spilling all the tea — I was on antidepressants for a while.”

He Managed Mental Health Better Over Time

The vocalist said he still has tough days and sometimes feels anxious. However, he feels better at handling these bad thoughts now compared to the past. In his Instagram Live, Lambert also mentioned he liked how Oprah’s TV show talked about emotional eating:

“I know that growing up, when I was heavier, I was…eating my feelings, they say. Like, I was emotionally eating for sure. And I’ve had moments throughout my whole life (of doing that), and if it’s not because I’m sad, it might be because I’m stressed. Or because, you know, a lot of the travel that I do around the world, I get jet lagged, and, like, the only thing that made me feel better was food for some reason.”

Lambert called food a comfort for many and asked people not to judge others, explaining:

“I don’t think we should be judging each other on how we choose to take care of our body or address how our relationship to food is.”

The musician gained some weight during the Covid-19 pandemic and joked about it on TV. Although he gained weight, he wore a stylish suit for his ‘Ordinary World’ music video. People first noticed Adam looked different in 2020 from beach photos in Mexico.