Adam Lambert Ends His Make-Up Series On YouTube With A Final Tutorial And Fans Want More

Queen’s touring lead singer Adam Lambert recently posted a video on his official YouTube channel and shared another makeup tutorial. It seems like this time, the musician decided to go for a red-lipstick look using his new products, and in the caption of his post, he announced that this is the last of his tutorial series.

As some of you might know, Adam Lambert has been uploading makeup videos on his YouTube channel since he shared a ‘Natural Look‘ tutorial two weeks ago. His fans loved the idea of seeing Lambert playing with makeup as well as learning how he has managed to look flawless this whole time. The first tutorial received more than 250k views on YouTube, and fans were craving for more.

The Queen + Adam Lambert singer shared another video on YouTube, and this time, he showed his followers how to create his ‘Disco Blue Glam‘ makeup look. The musician looked like he was born to be a YouTuber as he introduced all the products and how he applied them, just like in the first video.

Recently, Adam Lambert shared another makeup tutorial video on his official YouTube page, and he demonstrated how to achieve his red lipstick look with a little bit of smokey blue eyeshadow. While fans appreciated this look just like the previous one, a detail in the explanation section caught their attention.

In the caption of his post, Adam said that this new video is the last of his tutorial series. In addition to stating that seeing the recreation of his makeup looks by his fans is priceless, Lambert once again stressed that this is his final look on YouTube, which was disappointing for many who fell in love with seeing him serving looks.

The explanation under the video goes:

“So excited to share with you my final makeup tutorial. Valentino Red! It’s been so fun seeing all your photos, can’t wait to see how you recreate this final look.”

You can see the YouTube video below.