Adam Lambert Says ‘There Are No Rules’ About Makeup As He Shares The Second Tutorial On His YouTube Channel

Adam Lambert shared his second makeup tutorial on his YouTube channel on how to make electric blue sparkling eyes. In the video, he shared his opinions about makeup stating that you should do whatever you feel like doing instead of following a set of rules because makeup does not have any.

Lambert, who is famous for his eccentric outfits, makeup, and style, recently started sharing his makeup skills on his YouTube channel. After posting his first video on his channel 5 days ago, the now-YouTuber did not keep his audience waiting and shared another tutorial yesterday. 

This time, the talented singer showed his subscribers how to achieve a retro electric blue eye look as he stated that he is going to a disco-themed party at night. He did his eyeshadow and explained his process throughout the video. While applying a metallic pigment on his eyelid, he stated his opinions on applying the shimmer on the outer corner of the eyes and then stated that he shouldn’t say what you must or must not do as makeup has no rules.

Here is what he fully said:

“I’m actually even gonna take this ultraviolet blue pressed pigment from Pat Mcgrath and I am going to add this right along the lash line to be a little more electric. Taking the same color and I’m kind of going along just like the middle of the eye because everything else is matte so far except for this. This is like a metallic and you know metallics are going to catch the light so you want to make sure that they’re going where you want the light to pick up. For me personally, you don’t wanna go too sparkly or shiny on the outside corner of the eye because that’s the illusion part. You’re trying to extend the shape. 

It’s funny I’m sitting here trying to say like rules for doing eyes. There are no rules. If you’re feeling it, you’re feeling it. That’s the rule. Your face.”

His second tutorial video has already received over 45 thousand views. His fans appreciated that he is not like everyone else and showed their admiration of his skills in the comments section. A fan especially quoted him on saying that you should do whatever you want with makeup because there are no rules and that comment got over 250 likes.

You can watch his disco blue glam tutorial below.