Adam Lambert Is A Youtuber Now, See His First Makeup Tutorial

Adam Lambert has recently revealed that he is now using his YouTube channel to post a series of makeup tutorials. Having shared the first one, he also excited the fans for future tutorials on a new Instagram post.

Performing with Queen as well as pursuing a solo career, Adam Lambert is known for his dazzling makeup and aesthetic fashion taste. As you may have noticed, he pays strict attention to his looks on stage and wherever he is seen under the spotlight. Along with his beautiful singing voice and fascinating stage shows, Lambert also has a head-turning appearance with his signature look including a dramatically dark eyeliner and sparkly eyeshadow.

It can be also said that his interest in makeup has its roots in his youth as he was involved with theater back in those days. During his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Lambert also confirmed this saying makeup was a part of getting ready for his performances in theater, and he loved sitting in front of the mirror transforming his face for his roles while covering up his freckles. He also told Clarkson in the same show that he has been using makeup for most of his life and would love to start his own beauty company.

According to a recent Instagram post by Adam Lambert, he is also a YouTuber now as he revealed that he will be sharing makeup tutorials on YouTube. Saying that he is so excited to share his first makeup tutorial, he added that he started with a natural look in the video. Showing his eagerness to hear the fans’ feedback and exciting them for future videos, he told them to take photos of themselves and tag him when they try his look seen in the video.

Adam Lambert’s Instagram post read:

“So excited to share with you the first of a series of makeup tutorials I’ve been working on! Starting with a natural look I use often when leaving the house. Would love to hear your feedback so be sure to take photos of yourself and tag me! Watch now on my official YouTube channel and keep an eye out for future tutorials!”

Below is the first makeup tutorial by Adam Lambert that he shared on his Youtube.