Ace Frehley Shares An Update On His Upcoming Solo Album

Although many remember him as KISS’ Space Ace, Ace Frehley now pursues his own music career. Recently, Frehley excited his fans with an update about his forthcoming solo effort. When it hits the record stores, this new album will be the musician’s eighth release as a solo musician.

Following his departure from KISS, Frehley focused on making solo efforts and formed his own band Frehley’s Comet. As of now, he has seven solo albums in his music catalog, the latest one being 2020’s ‘Origins Vol. 2.’ As it turns out, the guitarist is now getting ready to release a new solo album, and it’s almost completed.

In his recent Facebook post, the Spaceman celebrated his fans’ Christmas by giving them an ‘early Christmas present’: his ten favorite sci-fi movies released until 1960. From 1956’s ‘Forbidden Planet’ to 1960’s ‘The Time Machine,’ the list offered fans a way to enjoy their free time with great movies.

At the end of his post, Frehley didn’t forget to make an exciting announcement about his new album. He wrote, “My new studio record is nearing its completion! Hopefully, it will be out Spring-Summer 2023!” So, fans will have a chance to listen to this yet-untitled record the following year.

In the comments section, many of his fans thanked Frehley for the list, saying they love his film taste. Besides, they also expressed their excitement for the forthcoming release. Although Space Ace revealed the release date, he didn’t give any other details about the album.