AC/DC Legend Bon Scott’s Family Earn Exclusive Rights To His Name With Recent Legal Victory

Scott Sports and Bon Scott’s Estate have been involved in a legal dispute over the use of the ‘Scott’ trademark. As reported by The Courier, the case ended in favor of Bon Scott’s Estate.

The conflict began when the late AC/DC vocalist’s family decided to register ‘Bon Scott’ as a trademark for a series of merchandise. Scott Sports, a brand with annual UK sales of £15 million, raised objections. They argued the shared name could lead to consumer confusion.

In response, the Estate pointed to the singer’s fame and influence in the UK. They offered evidence on AC/DC concerts, album sales, and the impact of Scott’s death on rock history.

After reviewing the evidence from both sides, the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) sided with the late singer’s estate. In the official written ruling, the UKIPO hearing officer said:

“Taking all of the factors into account, bearing in mind the principle of imperfect recollection, I am satisfied that the marks are unlikely to be mistakenly recalled or misremembered as each other.”

Mentioning the difference between the names, they added:

“The beginning of the marks tend to make more of an impact than the ends. Therefore I do not consider that the average consumer would overlook the distinctive and dominant word ‘Bon’ at the beginning of the applicant’s mark.”

Their statement ended as follows:

“Consequently, I consider there is no likelihood of indirect confusion. The opposition is unsuccessful, and the application may proceed to registration.”

You can read more about the matter here.