Paul Stanley Confirms KISS Might Continue By Replacing Him

KISS has been getting ready to bid farewell to the rock scene with their ongoing End of the Road tour, which will end in 2023. Yet, the band’s fans may still get the chance to watch them perform even after the farewell tour. During a recent chat, Paul Stanley disclosed to Ultimate Classic Rock that KISS might continue taking the stage without the original members.

“KISS is like an army or a sports team,” Stanley said before sharing his thoughts about the band’s future. “When the MVP is no longer playing or retired, the team doesn’t call it quits. On a battlefield, an army, when they lose soldiers, doesn’t wave the white flag. Somebody else picks up the weapon and runs forward. So in one form or another, I believe there will always be a KISS.”

The singer continued, “I didn’t invent the wheel. I may have polished it a bit, but what am I, except a combination of all of the people who inspired me? When I added my individuality to it, it became essentially what people know as Paul Stanley. But to believe that I’m the only person who can do that is a bit self-centered and egocentric.”

Implying that he is open to anyone capable of replacing him and continuing KISS’ music, the musician added, “Is there somebody else out there who could pick up and wave the flag? Absolutely. I’m not saying there should be a copy of me. I’m not a copy of anybody else. But I’m certainly a combination of many people that inspired me.”

So, Paul Stanley believes there might still be an opportunity for KISS to continue performing even if no original member is left. In an interview earlier this year, Gene Simmons also revealed that KISS might continue to exist without him or Stanley. The bassist explained that anything was possible as long as there is somebody out there qualified to keep their music and effort going.