AC/DC Guitar Tech Explains The Reason Angus Young Doesn’t Soundcheck

AC/DC‘s guitar tech Trace Foster gave an interview to Ultimate Guitar in which he revealed why Angus Young doesn’t want to do a soundcheck before gigs.

As you know, behind every great guitar player is a great guitar tech. They hit the road with the musicians, maintain and set up the musical equipment for the guitarists, and spend a great amount of time with them. Since guitar techs soundcheck before gigs, they need to have a musical ear and some guitar-playing skills.

Among other guitar techs, Trace Foster is one of the most well-known in the music scene. He has worked with numerous musicians throughout his career, such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Smashing Pumpkins, Black Sabbath, Cheap Trick, and AC/DC.

Working with AC/DC for quite a long time, Trace Foster has experienced what happens behind the scenes of their gigs. Besides, he has also witnessed Angus Young’s talented guitar-playing and how he prepares before a performance. According to Foster’s recent interview, it seems Young actually does not really prepare at all.

In the interview by Ultimate Guitar, Trace Foster revealed that Young and AC/DC don’t want to do a soundcheck. As Foster said, they walk on the stage, and Angus just starts playing his guitar. So, they rely entirely on him to ensure that everything is in place before the concerts.

In Ultimate Guitar‘s interview, Trace Foster said that:

“There are so many bands that are so disconnected from everybody and everything around them. Then there are bands like AC/DC, the perfect example of a band that understands what it takes to get stuff done. There is only one AC/DC. Angus does not soundcheck, AC/DC does not soundcheck. They walk on the stage, there are 60,000-80,000 people screaming at them when Angus hits the first chord, and away they go. So it better be right.

Angus understands what it takes to make that happen and who it takes to make that happen, so they really rely on guys like me. It’s a total mutual feeling. Their drum tech, Dickie Jones, has been there since ‘Back In Black’ – he got hired two days after Brian Johnson did! Why do you stay that long? Well, you’re appreciated.”

Apparently, Angus Young does not feel the need to soundcheck before his live performances. Moreover, it seems like he is this confident because of his remarkable guitar-playing skills and his successful guitar tech.