Zakk Wylde Says Ozzy Osbourne Needs A Complete Rebuilding

In a recent conversation with Planet Rock, Black Label Society vocalist Zakk Wylde revealed that Ozzy Osbourne was getting ready to have the third surgery.

Ozzy Osbourne has been struggling with health issues about walking properly since 2003. Osbourne shared in a previous interview that the rocker broke his collar bone, ribs, and neck vertebra in an accident. The musician stopped breathing during the incident and later had surgery. Although he recovered and went back on stage, the problems followed him.

In another conversation with Zakk Wylde, the vocalist revealed that the Prince of Darkness had to have another surgery and physical therapy because of the ongoing problems. After Osbourne had the operation, his wife said the rocker felt better. His daughter Kelly also defined this surgery as a life-changing one.

Unfortunately, as Zakk Wylde revealed in a recent conversation, Osbourne would have another surgery. Wylde humorously told that the musician had gone through too many surgeries and called him ‘the bionic man of the metal world.’ The vocalist stated that Osbourne would become stronger and healthier after this surgery.

Zakk Wylde responded when asked about Ozzy Osbourne:

“Right now, Ozzy is getting ready to go into surgery number three. We’re going to see him; maybe he didn’t have to try himself a crazy glue would try some gorilla glue on him this time. Maybe another duct tape or something, whatever we can do to get him back together. He really is the bionic man of metal now. He is the six-million-dollar man as well. So, got a glue him back together make him rebuild him faster stronger bigger with whole nine yards.”

You can watch the conversation below.