Zakk Wylde Recalls Causing Mayhem With Dimebag Darrell

Not only is Zakk Wylde currently paying tribute to the late Dimebag Darrell as part of Pantera’s ongoing tour, but the guitarist also cherishes their close friendship. In a recent interview with Guitar World, Wylde opened up about the wild times he shared with Dimebag, recalling their antics that often led to mayhem.

Wylde revealed that most of their drinking sessions took place over the phone. However, whenever they managed to get together in person, Wylde emphasized that it was nothing short of pure comedy, with moments of mischief and chaos, including trashing a car and missing a flight.

The guitarist shared the following about his memories with Dimebag:

“When we started hanging out, of course, we drank, but most of the time, drinking with Dime would be over the phone. We talked on the phone all the time for several hours, just drinking away. We’d make each other cry; we’d be laughing so hard. But every time we got together, it was always hilarious – nothing but pure comedy. And sometimes we caused mayhem.”

The European leg of Pantera’s tour kicks off in Sofia, Bulgaria, on May 26, with further dates in Hungary, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany. Zakk Wylde tries to be faithful to his late friend’s playing style during the tour while also recognizing how difficult it is.