Yungblud’s Guitarist Adam Warrington Introduces His Guitars

During a new appearance on Premier Guitar, Yungblud’s guitarist Adam Warrington introduced the special guitars he had and used in the shows one by one. He also explained which particular side of those guitars he likes.

Besides his abilities in guitar playing, Adam Warrington is also a producer, songwriter, and occasional bassist. He met Yungblud at Phil Taggarts Slacker Night, and they quickly became close friends. Since then, he has been playing guitar with Yungblud and has been on all his tours. However, he was temporarily replaced by Milkie Way for some shows due to pandemic-related issues in certain countries.

During the conversation, the first guitar Warrington introduced was a 2018 Gibson SG Standard, which he marked as his regular one. Yungblud owned it initially, but then, he gave him to Warrington after he expressed his admiration for it. The second one he introduced was a Gibson Custom Shop ES-335. The guitarist revealed that this guitar is probably his favorite one, but he can’t play it much as it is pretty noisy.

Then, Adam Warrington introduced a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Standard by revealing that he purchased it due to his great admiration for Jimmy Page. Another guitar Warrington addressed was a Gretsch G6128T-89VS Vintage Select ’89 Duo Jet with Bigsby. The last ones he introduced were a 2010s Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special and Iron Lung BJ5000 J Bass. Warrington respectively talked about all his guitars and reflected on some technical details related to them.

You can watch the entire conversation below.