Yungblud Says He’s The Voice In A Generation That Wants To Fight For Change


Yungblud spoke in a recent interview with Hunger and talked about being referred to as the voice of his generation.

In the conversation, the 24-year-old singer stated that he is not the voice of a generation, he is just a voice in a generation. Yungblud then revealed what this generation stands for while comparing the differences between past generations.

As Yungblud mentioned the passion that both the past and the current generations have for music, he also pointed out that his generation has the technology to communicate simply and effectively.

Because of this difference, his generation wants to fight for change, and they are doing it loud and proud. Therefore, he is so proud of being a part of this generation and showed what it really means for him.

Afterward, Yungblud touched upon the fact that he won’t be the same artist that he is now and yesterday. In this way, Yungblud revealed he will be a musician that would be versatile and would talk and sing whatever he wants to.

Interviewer asked:

“You’re often described as the voice of a generation. What does that generation stand for?”

Yungblud showed his humble personality in his response:

“There’s been such a massive kind of resurgence in passion. My generation believe and we fight so hard for what we believe in, but the difference between my generation and past generations – because past generations have been beautifully passionate as well – is that we have a phone in our hand and we can communicate and talk to each other simply and effectively.

But when people call me the voice of a generation I don’t really pay attention to it, because I’m not the voice of a generation, I’m a voice in a generation, a generation that wants to fight for change and is doing it loud and proud. I’m so proud to belong to my generation.”

Interviewer asked afterward:

“With so much of you work so far coming from a youth perspective, how do you think your sound or message will adapt as you grow older?”

Yungblud on his future:

“I’m not going to be the same artist that I am today as I am tomorrow. With success, and whatever the fuck “fame” means, comes expectation. I think it’s really scary to fall into people’s expectations, an artist should never become an expectation, because you’re not an expectation, that’s the definition of being an artist.

I’m going to do what I want, say what I feel, lead with my heart like I always do and I’m going to love as hard as I fucking can. I’m going to love my fans and hopefully they fucking love me back for whatever journey I want to take them on.”

Further in the conversation, Yungblud also talked about his brand new single ‘Fleabag’ and described the song as the reflection of the message that he will be telling everyone else.