Yungblud Says Avril Lavigne’s Authenticity Suggestion Helped His Music Career

In a recent interview with People, Yungblud talked about his authenticity and the desire to go on his own path instead of following trends. In his conversation, he revealed that he got a piece of advice from Avril Lavigne, who suggested he does precisely that.

Yungblud’s main music genre is pop-punk, but he is trying to produce such unique music that sometimes it is regarded as alternative rock. His style and attitude remind his fans of rockstars but the musician has stated that he follows the footsteps of musicians from different genres, such as The Smiths, Joy Division, Blondie, Madonna, and Lady Gaga.

He made a name for himself very fast, and as it turns out, he got advice from many experienced musicians, like Oasis’ Liam Gallagher. These suggestions were mainly about Yungblud not hesitating to be himself. Avril Lavigne also said the same thing while hanging out with the young singer earlier this year, which left a big impression on Yungblud.

Here is how he mentioned Avril Lavigne’s advice:

“She’s amazing, man. She’s very much, very much about me kind of doing my own path to do my own trajectory, not following trends and not following things. I think that’s it. I think with it all, everything’s subject to a trend right now, and I think for me personally, the definition of a trend is that it’s meant to die, man.”

Yungblud has been in the music scene since 2017, when he was only 20. He has released two studio albums, ’21st Century Liability’ and ‘Weird’ in 2018 and 2020. His fans will be delighted to know that he announced that two new albums are coming soon. Although he didn’t announce their release date, it is something for his fans to look forward to.