Yungblud Postpones His Surprise Event For Fear Of Police Brutality

Yungblud shared a series of videos on his official Instagram stories recently, revealing the reason why he had to postpone his ‘surprise’ event in London. Apparently, the musician was supposed to perform a couple of songs for his fans, but the police saw the people who gathered as a threat, so the rocker decided to postpone the event.

Yungblud recently shared a post on his official Instagram account, which has been deleted, and announced that he has a surprise for fans on November 30. Following the post, fans were excited to find out what this surprise event held for them but were disappointed by the unexpected change of plans.

In the now-deleted post, he penned:

“Meet me at Camden Market at 3 pm tomorrow, November 30. I have a surprise.”

The event got canceled after a crowd gathered at Camden before 3 pm without even knowing what they were expecting. Since dozens of his fans were disappointed, Yungblud shared several Instagram stories to explain the reason behind this cancelation. Apparently, the police considered Yungblud’s fans a threat when many people gathered at the spot and formed an audience.

Thus, they warned the musician that if he came to Camden, there would be many police officers present, making sure nothing happened. Since a heavy police presence could lead to his fans getting hurt or arrested in case of a confluence, Yungblud decided to postpone the event.

The musician looked incredibly sad by this outcome and said he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if anything happened to his fans. In addition to apologizing to his fans and asking for their understanding, the musician promised them he’ll find a way to recreate this event. Supposedly, the event will take place at some point, but the date hasn’t been announced just yet.

In his stories, Yungblud announced:

“I’ve been on the phone all morning about today’s event. After the overwhelming response online and the number of people that were already there, Camden council and the police have deemed it as a dangerous threat. They said that if I am to set foot in Camden today, there’s going to be a heavy police presence.

This is not what the event was supposed to be about. This event was supposed to be about love, playing music. I had a massive surprise I was going to play a couple of tunes and bring all of us together.

I don’t mind anything happening to me, but in the current climate of things and everything that’s going on recently, if any of you were to be harassed by police or pushed and shoved or hurt, I would never forgive myself.

This is not what it was supposed to be about. Some of you have traveled down and some of you were already there but for everyone’s safety, I think it’s the best thing to postpone this. Please understand how gutted I am, I was ready to see you all but just know that I love you all. I’m so sorry to everyone that came down. I’ll find a way that we can do crazy shit like this.”

You can watch the Instagram stories below.