Yngwie Malmsteen Says He Will Continue As A Solo Artist

The guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen was recently interviewed by SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk and revealed why he would prefer to pursue a solo career instead of becoming a member of a band.

Yngwie Malmsteen went to the US in 1982 after his demo tape had been listened to by the record producer Mike Varney. He initially joined Steeler’s heavy metal band and played on its self-titled 1983 album. Later, he appeared on Alcatrazz and became a part of its debut album ‘No Parole from Rock Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and a live album titled ‘Live Sentence.’

Graham Bonnet and Malmsteen argued over who was the band’s frontman and had a fight during a show. The clash between the two ended with Malmsteen’s dismissal, and Steve Vai filled his place. In 1984, Malmsteen released his solo debut album ‘Rising Force’ with names such as Jens Johansson and Barriemore Barlow. It was initially intended to be an instrumental side project of Alcatrazz, but Malmsteen wanted it to be a solo work for the vocalist Jeff Scott’s appearance.

Following his first album, Malmsteen released the second one titled ‘Marching Out’ in 1985. He also worked on a few albums with the singers Göran Edman and Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens. In 2012, he released ‘Spellbound,’ where he wrote all the songs and delivered all instruments by himself. Later, he became one of the guitarists of the supergroup Generation Axe formed by Steve Vai, and they started to tour.

During a recent interview, Malmsteen, who defined himself as a solo artist, discussed whether he ever considered joining a band. He stated that he does not use the word ‘never,’ but he probably will not be a member of a band. The guitarist resembled his work to a painter’s and added that he would prefer to draw his picture by himself instead of calling for someone else to complete it. According to Malmsteen, this was not an ego issue but a matter of ‘artistic expression.’ He noted that Generation Axe was enough for him to be a part of a band.

Yngwie Malmsteen said the following when asked if he considered joining a band:

“Well, I’m not saying never for anything, but most likely not. Because I’m in a rock and roll setting like everybody knows — it’s a rock and roll band, basically, on stage — but the way I create is very much like a painter or writer where. I don’t paint half a painting and call my friend up and say, ‘Hey, can you come to finish half the painting for me?’ That’s the only thing. It’s not because I’m egotistical; it’s just an artistic expression thing. Going out with ‘Generation Axe’ is more than enough to be a band than anything. So I’m doing that too.”

On May 8, 2021, it was announced that Yngwie Malmsteen had launched his upcoming album ‘Parabellum’ and the video for the song ‘Wolves at the Door.’ Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, he would not have hitten the road for a tour and thus, had more time to work on the album. Ultimately, ‘Parabellum’ was released on July 23, 2021.