Woody Woodmansey Recalls His Last Conversation With David Bowie

David Bowie‘s backup band’s drummer Woody Woodmansey recently talked about his last conversation with Bowie before passing in 2016. He revealed the last words Bowie told them after their performance over the phone together.

Consisted of Mick Ronson, Trevor Bolder, and Mick ‘Woody’ Woodmansey, the Spiders From Mars were David Bowie’s backing band in the 1970s, and the band split in 1973 with a shocking announcement on stage. They disagreed about wages, which affected the band members’ relationship. However, as time passed, the members and Bowie kept in touch.

Ronson sadly passed away in 1993, then in 2013, Bolder passed away, and Woody remained the only member alive in the band. Of course, David Bowie was another member to stay alive in this ensemble until his tragic death in 2016. Before Bowie passed away, Tony Visconti called Bowie on his birthday while they were performing.

On the phone, the band played ‘Happy Birthday’ for the singer, and later Bowie sang ‘Blackstar.’ He thanked Woody for the call and told him, ‘See you soon,’ which was very upsetting because two days after that, Woody received a phone call giving the news of his death.

Here is Woody explaining the last time he talked to Bowie:

“I had ‘Holy Holy,’ which we’re doing, Bowie material from all the albums I did with other guys. We were playing New York, and the security guards there, ‘Oh, I think Bowie’s coming down to sing with you.’ We said, ‘We’ve not heard of it.’ Anyway, we thought he might. We’re only down the road.

During the gig, Tony Visconti, playing bass, said, ‘I am going to give David a ring.’ So during the gig, he did that. And Bowie answered, and he said it was his birthday. We played a really bad karaoke version of ‘Happy Birthday,’ and the audience sang, and then he sang ‘Blackstar,’ and they all went mental.

He said, ‘Thanks for the call. Have a great tour, see you soon.’ We were in Toronto two days later, and my phone was going mental at about five in the morning. Everybody else’s phone was doing the same. We all got up, and David had just passed away. It was very surreal.

You can watch the interview below.