The Confusion Surrounding Julie Strain’s Death

Otherwise known as the ‘Queen of the B-movies,’ Julie Strain has over 100 films under her belt as well as influence on numerous comic book and animation characters. The model and actress also inspired and did the voice acting for the main character in ‘Heavy Metal’ which turned into her having a regular presence on Heavy Metal Magazine covers in the 1990s.

Since the actress and model lived a life in the spotlight, there were constant headlines surrounding her, which included the confusion surrounding her death. Julie suffered from retrograde-amnesia, after she experienced a severe head trauma in her early 20s when she fell from a horse. So she was reportedly dead three times until she actually passed away in 2021 from dementia.

Here’s one occasion when there were false news reported about Julie’s death. The actress’ collaborator Malibu Bay Films reported in 2020 that the B-movie actress had died aged 57. However a day later the company retracted their statement and admitted that they were mistaken.

The company took to Instagram to apologize for the misinformation and wrote:

“Update: The information we received from a trusted source of the community on the status of MBF Icon Julie strain was found to be false! We deeply apologize for needlessly upsetting anyone as well as ourselves! We have asked THR for a retraction as well. Thank you & God Bless, Julie & family.”

Even though fans were happy to hear that the star was very much alive, it didn’t take much longer for Julie to loose her fight against dementia at the start of 2021. After the actual death of the actress, Heavy Metal Magazine shared a post on Instagram in honor of the cover model, remembering the actress’ influence on the magazine.

The Instagram post read:

“We are saddened to report a death in the Heavy Metal family: Julie Strain lost her battle with late-stage dementia on Sunday. She was a regular presence on Heavy Metal covers in the ‘90s, the inspiration for (and voice of) Julie in ‘Heavy Metal 2000’ and ‘FAKK2,’ and muse to Olivia De Berardinis, Simon Bisley, and others — and for a decade she was the wife of publisher Kevin Eastman.”

They added:

“She was also an actress with over 100 credits (primarily the sexy/silly B-movies she loved) and Penthouse Pet of the Year. She was a glamazon warrior queen, she was our Taarna of the ‘90s, she was one of a kind. She was one of us.”

You can see Heavy Metal Magazine’s Instagram post here.