The Truth About Julie Strain: Is She Alive Or Dead?

Breathtaking actress and model Julie Strain who was primarily known for being the Pet of the Month in June 1991 and Pet of the Year in 1993 by Penthouse as well as her regular presence on Heavy Metal Magazine covers in the 1990s, once was reported dead by Malibu Bay Films at the beginning of last year. Fortunately, the news turned out to be false soon after, however, at the beginning of this year, the glamazon warrior queen actually passed away due to late-stage dementia.

As some of you might know, Julie Strain was widely known for being the ‘Queen of the B-movies’ with over 100 films to her credit as well as her influence on numerous comic book characters and animation items all of which became a job to the gorgeous modern and actress who inspired and did the voice acting for the main character in ‘Heavy Metal 2000’ in addition to being the muse for the video game, ‘Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.’

On January 13, 2020, Malibu Bay Films reported that actress and collaborator Julie Strain passed away at the age of 57, however, it soon turned out that Strain was very much alive and that’s why Malibu Bay Films shared a post on its official Instagram page apologizing for upsetting anybody who was misinformed about the beautiful star.

Here is what the film company said:

“Update: The information we received from a trusted source of the community on the status of MBF Icon Julie strain was found to be false! We deeply apologize for needlessly upsetting anyone as well as ourselves! We have asked THR for a retraction as well. Thank you & God Bless, Julie & family.”

While every fan of the star was relieved to hear that Julie Strain was healthy, it didn’t take much longer for her dementia which was initially caused by retrograde amnesia due to a head injury after a fall from a horse in her 20s to be the cause of her death on January 10, 2021, at the age of 58. After the passing of the talented actress, the official Instagram page of Heavy Metal Magazine shared a post dedicated to the star while remembering the influence she had on the magazine.

Here is what Heavy Metal Magazine said:

“We are saddened to report a death in the Heavy Metal family: Julie Strain lost her battle with late-stage dementia on Sunday. She was a regular presence on Heavy Metal covers in the ‘90s, the inspiration for (and voice of) Julie in ‘Heavy Metal 2000’ and ‘FAKK2,’ and muse to Olivia De Berardinis, Simon Bisley, and others — and for a decade she was the wife of publisher Kevin Eastman. She was also an actress with over 100 credits (primarily the sexy/silly B-movies she loved) and Penthouse Pet of the Year. She was a glamazon warrior queen, she was our Taarna of the ‘90s, she was one of a kind. She was one of us.”

You can see the dedicated Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Heavy Metal Magazine – Instagram Page