Wolfgang Van Halen Shares His Feelings About Mammoth WVH’s First Live Performance

Former Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen shared a post on his official Twitter page opening up about his late-night show debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as MammothWVH for performing his song, ‘Distance,’ and apparently, Wolfgang is beyond thrilled with the fans’ reactions.

As many of you know, Wolfgang created his own solo band MammothWVH after the disbandment of Van Halen and released his first solo record ‘Distance‘ which was a tribute song for his father, Van Halen late guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

After the success of his song, Wolfgang Van Halen announced that he’s going to perform his single ‘Distance’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on February 11 via a Twitter post. The performance was going to be Wolfgang’s television debut as MammothWVH in addition to being Wolfgang’s first performance without his father.

Recently, Wolfgang Van Halen shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing his emotions after his performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and apparently, his performance has been hard for him since it was extremely emotional for Wolfgang, however, his fans’ reactions and support made it all worth it.

In addition to thanking everybody who watched his performance, Wolfgang Van Halen also thanked Jimmy Kimmel along with his team who have been incredibly helpful to Wolfgang during the show.

Here is what Wolfgang said:

“Just wanted to thank everyone for tuning in last night. It certainly wasn’t easy for me, but the response has been crazy. Thank you. Thanks so much to Jimmy Kimmel Live for having us and a million thanks to our incredible team for helping make this happen.”

You can see the Twitter post below and listen to ‘Distance’ below.